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These mini quilts/mug rugs are hand sewn, made from scrap fabrics (mostly old head wrap and scarves). You can use them for whatever your heart desires.


After creating my quilt made from the worn head wraps and scarves of female friends and family I ended up joining a quilting workshop called Memory Pattern. During the 4 week workshop, I learn more about the history of quilts in African American culture and new quilting techniques.


I instantly fell in love with quilting and how the history of quilts related directly back to my on-going research; just like hair African Americans used quilts as a means to survive. Our hair was once used as maps to escape enslavement and quilts were used as coded signs along the Underground Railroad. So, finding this connection of black hair and quilts has introduced me to an entirely new medium and the start of a new body of work.


Mini quilt/MugRug 2

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