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My paper series came about from my continued obsession to utilize sustainable and affordable materials. Although my goal is to  have a career solely as an artist doing what I love, like many others I have a day time job to keep the bills paid and to have consistent cash flow. Having worked in an office setting over the past 10 years I found it hard to find the energy to create once I got off work; feeling drained mentally. However, I started to find ways to be creative and to keep those creative juices flowing by playing around with materials around me at work ! Making use of my down time to explore the limits of things such as sticky notes and paper clips to create images that either comment on my experience as a black woman and creative  in the work place and serene images from places I’ve visited or imagined. Everything was made in an office, with office supplies and the paper is handmade from shredded office documents. This series for me is commenting on the artist working to survive in corporate America.

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