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With this 2016 collection, I wanted to research where it is that most young girl first develop their ideas of beauty and what beauty is to them. For most girls, their ideas of beauty began to develop with Barbie dolls. Dolls have a history of being spiritual or even ritual objects for various cultures, however, overtime dolls have become more about physical appearance rather than what they stand for. The goal of my doll collection was to create a group of dolls that took a step back at the way we look at dolls in general. I wanted the dolls to be made from found objects, similar to the use of traditional materials to create toys and dolls. I also did not want the dolls appearance to be about beauty, but more so what they may or may not represent. My goal with my doll collection is to try to open the eyes of my audience and start a conversation of how we look at dolls and what they represent in relation to the concepts and ideas that we teach to our daughters.

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