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chicken wire and synthetic braiding hair,18x 12 inches, 2022 This mask was inspired by the Senufo mask. The Senufo mask was worn by Poro ( a mens society) during funeral ceremonies. It was believed the mask not only helped communicate with the deceased but also ward off evil spirits. I was thinking how hair is believed to be our most direct connection to Gods and ancestors; being the hair is the highest point in you it is believed Gods and ancestors pass messages to us through our hair. I have been researching the different regions that have populated in my #ancestrydna and found that I am 5% Mali and 5% Ivory Coast. The Senufu people migrated from Mail to the Ivory Coast around the 15th century. The blue hair is a nod to the fact these mask come from a male society. This was my first time using a bold color of hair for a mask; also the most elaborate in terms of its overall structure and shape.


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