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Why is it that as artist we feel everything? I mean as artist we look at the world different, we feel the weight of the world and translate our interpretation of it through various mediums and materials. I don't think people (non-artist) really know or can ever understand the craziness that runs through our minds on a daily basis. I mean I for one am very observant; I notice everything around me, I pay attention to my surroundings and my relationship to people and objects around me. I pay attention to how things make me feel, and the reaction of others to various events, objects, and concepts.

My work is literally my way of expressing my thoughts, my interpretations of various concepts, cultures, and current events that in some way shape or form play an effect on daily lives. Yet, lately I feel like many artist are striving so hard to make money and become famous they are lacking the ability to add content to their work. Artwork lately has been nothing more then meaningless works that happen to be pleasing to the eye. What happen to artist who seek for their work to make bold statements or work that makes an audience think about their relationship to various concepts and ideas. Art lately has lacked the ability to make people think and feel about a certain idea or concept. Work has become shallow house decoration.

All I am saying is I would like to see more artist using their talent to make comments/statements about concepts and ideas that effect the daily lives of people.

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