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So the fall semester has come to an end and although I could not be happier about it, I am actually happier with the progress I have made with my work. My chair is officially finished, and this past Saturday we had our end of term critique. My critique went really well, as my professors and classmates helped me with a lot of the things I have been struggling with. For example, I have been trying to figure out how to make everything in the space I am creating tie together as a unified work without making it look staged. However, everyone loved my chair and the fact it gives off this terrifying feeling; they also included that my point is clear with the chair and I should make the rest of the space including the objects, just as intense as the chair. For example, instead of having actual realistic medical tools or beauty products, I should make the objects and make them just as crazy looking and intense as the chair.

Aside of my chair and project progression, I have been thinking a great deal about what my next step will be once I am finished school. I want to travel, I want to teach, I want to do shows and exhibitions, I want to do it all. Although I know I can do it all, part of me still has this odd feeling of fear; fear of failing. I know, I know......why am I thinking like that?!, but I cant help it, as artist we are always concerned about our career path. One minute we could be on top of the art world, and the next at the bottom of it; its never anything set in stone. Sure teaching is great, but working as an adjunct instructor is not exactly the best paying job, not to mention the lack of benefits. I am just finding myself to be unsure of what path I want to focus on. Should I continue trying to work administrative positions in museums? or should I focus on finding a teaching position and possibly moving and traveling? Their are a lot of options, and I am just ready to start the next chapter of my life.

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