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Long time no Post...Here is an update

So, I have not posted for a few weeks, but not much has been going on. I am still working as a teaching assistant and I have been working on my thesis and installation. I have also decided that instead of purchasing a salon or medical chair for my installation, I would make my own out of found materials.

We have been doing a project with the students in my class, working with found wood materials to create a wall piece or free standing sculpture. This was a great opportunity for me because I have not had a woodshop class since 7th grade so I have been really enjoying it. ( do they even offer such classes anymore? like home economics or woodshop?)

So far my chair as you can see, is coming along great but I still need some ideas as too what to do for the base of the chair... Any suggestions?

Other then my school work, my hair has been growing like crazy! I think I am just about due for a re-twist already! All I have been doing is moisturizing my scalp with coconut oil every day and night and keeping it wrapped up tight to just soak in all that moisture. I have been obsessed with the style and look of head wraps and have been enjoying learning the various ways to tie them....Maybe I will do a video of how to tie a few of my favorite styles; many of you have been asking to teach you so I may take that into consideration.

Anyway like I said not much has been going on, but I like to still share and keep you all updated on my work. My installation by the way is coming a long great. I think its best when I try not to overthink what I am doing with the space. I feel things get overworked when I think to much, and as artist you know we tend to think way to much. I can not wait to post pictures of how everything with my thesis project is coming along.

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