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New Hair New Life

Well it has been a few days since I last posted and since that time I have officially made the choice to loc my hair; my own natural hair. This is a choice I have been wanting to do for a long time now, however I think I delayed due to commitment issues and a lack of understanding on how to care for my own hair with out going to the beauty shop or putting a weave in.

This was a very personal choice for me and so far I feel GREAT about it. Yet, I have been getting a lot of negative commentary from someone very close to me. I do not feel down because the person does not agree with my choice but because they do not support it.I feel it is due to the misunderstanding of what beauty is amongst generations of African Americans whom have always been pressured to alter their hair in order to fit into white society. However, today more and more young women like me are finding the need to go back to their roots and learn to not only how to care for their own natural hair but to accept their natural beauty as they are.

When I cut my hair into a short pixie cut this time last year, my hair was chemically treated and I always asked myself why is it that I had to chemically treat my hair just because I wanted to wear it out? I mean, what was so wrong with just wearing my natural hair as it is; the way it naturally grows from my head

. For the duration of the cut I did not feel like myself and quickly went back to my braids. Yet, over the past year I have been thinking of how I take care of my hair and why it is that I continue to spend money on synthetic hair when I could just grow my own hair to my desired style?

Welp, as of Saturday 10/15/16, I made that choice to loc my hair. I want to learn to care for my own kinky hair and I want it to grow as long and healthy as it can be. This is the start of a new journey for me and I can not wait to see how long my hair will grow for years to come. I mean think about it....eventually ill never have to pay anyone to do my hair again.

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