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M.F.Art....not English

Soooo, I still have not been able to just sit myself down and start on my thesis paper; and I need to have 8 pages done by the end of the semester. As an artist in graduate school, having to balance between the quality of your work and actual essay assignments is actually a lot harder then it sounds.

In grad school as artist our main focus is our work; the content, the process etc, however, in school they also expect a lot from you as far as developing thesis and writing papers. The thing is as an artist we know how to articulate ourselves in a visual and creative way, having to put that thought process or even having to do extra research is not really are strong point. I mean yea we can easily tell you allllll about our work but having to put that on to paper can be a big challenge for many of us. I am not saying we are bad at writing papers but the thing is our minds our so focused on our actual project and studio practice its hard to alter that focus onto a paper.

I mean many professional artist do in depth research papers before every big project?

I get having to create artist statements and bios and having to do shows and participate in the art world, but how often in the real art world will we as artist be asked to write a research paper? Maybe this is just my personal opinion, but I just strongly feel the main focus for artist in school should be developing a studio practice , which yes may require research but an entire in depth paper? I think that is pushing it a bit.

None the less the paper WILL get done, I just need to find a day off where I can just sit and start writing ; I mean I already have an outline and thesis for the most part. I just cant help but think about how much writing they put into STUDIO art programs; it would be different if it was Art education or something of the sort, but what I am focused on is my own practice and how I can be a successful artist. But hey I guess with that somewhere down the line the skills of a research paper will come in handy, I just don't see it happening ANYtime soon for me lol.

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