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Studio Visit's

Yesterday in class we got to have our first studio visits from professional artist (artist who have "been there done that"). Our guest were artist Jacque Liu and Sophie Sanders. At first I was not sure about the purpose of the visit especially being that none of us really had any work to show. Yet, as it turns out, we were simply expected to have a conversation about our ideas and concepts for our thesis and upcoming project, as well as about anything we may be struggling with personally as an artist; and if you seen my last post you know I have been questioning myself a lot recently.

What was great about the visit is it gave us an opportunity to get an outside opinion from someone who has never met us before let alone seen our work before. I was able to ask both artist a lot of questions that I have been struggling with, and we had a legit conversation that I enjoyed! I mean being able to talk to another more experienced person in the art world about defining oneself as an artist and where to go with your work after school, was great and reassuring for me that I am on the right path. Of course both visiting artist assured me that all artist hit a point or two in their life where they ask themselves "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!.....

I personally really enjoyed being able to talk to Sander's, we were able to talk way over the time allowed for the rotation of the visit. As I explained what my focus is for this final year, she was able to give me great references and assured that the only way I will really know how things will come out is by continuing to experiment and play with materials and mediums in the space I aim to create ( refer to my current artist statement) by June. As we talked about various current, controversial, topics about black hair she shared a personal experience she had recently at a beauty shop. If anything, after walking away from my conversation with her, I feel a lot better about the direction I am going with my work and my thesis.

I honestly believe there should be more studio visits for emerging artist; more professional artist should be more involved with the generation of artist emerging after them, especially when there is so much controversy going on in the world around us that is having a huge impact on the work of artist. Being able to sit with another artist who has a great deal of experience in the art world, allows for some professional guidance as to current work, questions about careers as artist, and it is great for networks. I think more artist should be more open to the idea of taking on mentees and interns. The Art field is very difficult and competitive, there are so many mediums, and paths to take on; guidance from someone who is well experienced and has developed a career already would be a great aid for any artist in school or not.

I look forward to more visits when I have more work developed and new questions to ponder.

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