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Questioning Yourself is a Good Thing?

So as you know the other day I posted about how I have been questioning myself as an artist a lot lately. Yet, lucky for me I have great artist friends who helped me calm my nerves and reconcile with who I am as an artist. (Thanks guys).

Anyway we had a pretty interesting conversation and I came to the conclusion that 1) I am allowing this final year to overwhelm me and 2) I need to be confident about my work and what I do.

Yes, I am a mixed media artist, and yes my work is project based, however all my work always shares a common thread of concepts and ideas. I think my friend Jess put it best for me when she said "You're mastering the ability to think of an idea and from there judge the best way to go about it using different mediums". I never thought of my work in that sort of way, I have been trying to fit myself into one category of art, when I in fact am becoming a master in studio art/practices it self.

My other class mate Sam, made a great comment when she said to me "I think the idea of mastering something can be deceiving. Your mastering the process of creating and developing concepts and ideas by creating". I must say again that I never thought of it that way, I mean I don't know why but for whatever reason I got myself under this impression that I have to master one thing, one medium. Yet, I have been blessed with this ability and fascination to experiment with all types of mediums and materials. I mean really who ever said an artist has to stick to one kind of art?

My friends were able to calm me down with their kind words, and hearing it from someone else's point of view is always helpful. We came to the conclusion that me questioning myself is a good thing, and that by doing that it helps make me a better artist; in other words.....I AM ABOUT TO LEVEL UP!!! lol Just as my friend Danni said "As artist we naturally gravitate to explore all types of other art forms outside what we do already".

So maybe, I should question myself more as an artist, maybe this is a chance fro me to really think about the direction I am going in with my work especially once I graduate. I think we as artist go through periods of questioning ourselves and our work, but instead of trying to find the answer to those questions, we let them run us and put fear into us. We need to discover the answer to the questions we ask ourselves, in order to understand ourselves as artist in relation to the work we produce. We grow and with that our work must grow along with us.

And as my friends told me "Let your work guide and define you as an artist don't try to define it; let your work guide you"

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